Some clarity dear readers…the word Smoosh coupled with the picture of the rather young lady should not be taken in any Jersey Shore kind of way. Instead, Smoosh is the name of an American band that I thought I was going to hate.

Reasons for this include: They are a girl-band (American abbreviation; chick-band), they were at the time about 12 (OK now I’m exaggerating this was only about six months ago), their instruments were/are a lot bigger than them.

Then came the most shocking of musical revelations. They’re actually really incredible. Smoosh’s lyrics are mature and driven, their composition tight and well constructed. And at their tender age, which I’m still not exactly sure of, they’ve already got an album out (you can and should check it out on Spotify).

So enough mindless babbling about youth, prepare to be amazed as I introduce you to Smoosh, the way that I found them (with a few instrumental additions: