The Stanley Blacks are a no-gimmicks indie rock band from the UK and fitting into such a category is tricky at present as many of their counterparts are shrugged off in exchange of over-produced, industrial sounds.

But the four-piece band have stayed true to the purest of music and their new album (set for release this summer) has been produced by a two-time grammy award winning producer who flew over from the US having spotted the band whilst they were touring in LA.

The producer, Bob Cuturello, has worked with everyone from Elton John to The Police and even Michael Jackson. Quite an honour then for a band that’s only just about to release their first album.

The Stanley Blacks took their rather unusual name from a 19th century composer, though insist that they simply liked the name and draw no inspiration from his music.

Instead, they list The Beatles, The Strokes and Interpol among their influences and have forged a sound that’s clean and crisp, their harmonies as note-perfect as a barbershop quartet and their stage presence overwhelming.

The new video is a simple and again non-gimmicky concept, which shows a beautiful young lady spying the band as their practicing. Having been shot on a Red One camera, famously used by Peter Jackson, the quality of the video is spectacular and keeps you hooked despite the very simple storyline:

Watch the video here: