The Carpels

Introducing The Carpels, a five piece rabble of young’uns fusing a mind bending mix of indie, punk, dubstep and a whole host of other genres together.

The result is a kind of get-up-and-leap-around sound. The Birmingham-based group, despite their age, are already signed to One Beat Records, also of Birmingham, which is fronted by The Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes.

The incredible tunes and celebrity endorsement has already earned them airplay on Rob Da Bank’s show on BBC Radio 1 and a huge online following.

Check out their debut promo video and track Sand below… if you like what you hear head over to their Facebook page where they’re giving the track away for free!

Pete Lawrie

OK, if you’re the kind of person who listens to Radio 2 on a daily basis then Pete Lawrie will be your perfect partner on the lonely commute to your desk-job.

His easy-listening love song styling will be a good distraction from pricks driving Audi’s cutting you up on the M25. I heard him first on his UK tour, the first of which the Welshman has done since being signed to Island Records.

For those who don’t fit into the Wogan-loving crowd however, there are momentary sparks of perfection in his songwriting. Take for instance this little gem from his album A Little Brighter, called Paper Planes:


I first came across Babeshadow when they appeared, rather inexplicably, as a tour support for Florence And The Machine’s Cosmic Love Tour in 2010.

The duo were, rather abnormally, like ghosts (if you’re not the kind of person who regularly frequents Shorditch or certain venues in Camden). In fact, pre-show, they only had a rather under-loved Myspace which carried a track called Sea Serpants on it with a few grainy images of live performances.

Their performance was a non-gimmicky glimmer of upbeat tempos and clean-sounding rhymic guitars which set them apart from many similar indie outfits.

A range of carefully-sculpted vocal harmonies and well-constructed song lyrics made them a hit, but then…nothing. They continued to play odd shows in London but the outside world was not so fortunate as to hear such whimsical tracks.

Now, rejoice, they’re back with a four track EP (called The Sea Serpants EP) that perfectly illustrates exactly Babeshadow’s unique, crisp sound (they even have a website would you believe: where you can purchase the EP).

Even more pant-wettingly exciting though is the stuff that they recorded for BBC Introducing. If you listen to one thing today, make it this: